3d poker chips

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3d Poker Chips

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How to Draw a 3D Poker Chip


Also, for some reason, I never knew about charmap! I had OTC overnight me a replacement since my party was the next day. Add point Subtract point Mark 1 Point March 19, at 7: Thanks man… Nice Tut!! Add point Subtract point Roberto 1 Point January 4, at 9: Conclusion This is the end of our tutorial.

Add point Subtract point Dave 1 Point March 20, at Also, you will need double stick tape to make the seams lay down. I taped the columns so they are easy to store and will not get ruined.

Copy Finally we completed the top of the chip! Now use the Elliptical Marquee tool to select the excess and cancel it.

Add point Subtract point Federico 1 Point March 18, at 6: One set will give you everything you see pictured. Very good i like the techniques used here! Add the border light This is the final touch.

A lot of people think icons like this can only be made with Illustrator. Add point Subtract point nycmri 1 Point March 18, at Add point Subtract point Andrew P.

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I will be using this technique for my future work! I agree with an earlier comment about experience needed.

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Ty federico and david. Add point Subtract point Don 1 Point March 29, at These 3d poker chip columns will guarantee a full-house!

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Add point Subtract point Patternhead 1 Point March 18, at Guides are a useful tool provided by Photoshop. Add point Subtract point Tim 1 Point March 27, at Set the shape color to a bright orange mine is ffa.

Tim Flag as inappropriate. This will be the side of our chip, grab the Pen tool and give the path the correct shape. Good work, big thanks ; Flag as inappropriate.

Do you have the directions for constructing the 3D poker chip column? Guides are a useful tool provided by Photoshop.

Thanks Flag as inappropriate. This effects later instructions as well.

3D Poker Chip Columns Cardboard Stand-Ups

Create a new layer. Includes a large and small column and 4 poker chips. Add point Subtract point Bob 1 Point April 18, at 5: Add point Subtract point flazjax8 1 Point April 12, at With the same process draw a concentric circle in a new layer and set its color to white.

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Add point Subtract point avn rocky 1 Point October 8, at 8: D Flag as inappropriate. Gud Luck — Avn Rocky Flag as inappropriate. Seen similar tuts for Illustrator but not for Photoshop.

I also added two 3px straight line to obtain a better result. Thank you very much Flag as inappropriate. Add To Wish List Item added to your wish list!

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I was shipped an item that was returned by another customer. Could be fun to do.

Any input would be greatly, greatly appreciated! I am with Bob here … Step 3 makes no sense Flag as inappropriate.

Product Specs Unit of Measure: I think I can do this. Add point Subtract point Bernard 1 Point April 30, at 4: You have to select a proper brush first Flag as inappropriate. Create the outer ring Now we have to create the outer ring.

Add point Subtract point anonym 1 Point March 25, at 6: I need the text p4 tutorial Flag as inappropriate. Add point Subtract point budijenjen -1 Points June 4, at 3: I also added two 3px straight line to obtain a better result. Create the dashed ring Create a new layer. Add point Subtract point sam 3 Points January 11, at 7: The look great, but check your items immediately.

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