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Dollaro Poker

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Dollaro poker TEAMPLAY Episode №2 part #1


Manco confronts Mortimer after the two have studied each other, and they decide to work together as neither intends to back down.

Plot[ edit ] The man many call Manco Eastwood is a bounty killer who makes a living collecting rewards issued for wanted outlaws, a profession shared by a former member of the army named Colonel Douglas Mortimer Van Cleef. Eventually, the two learn that a ruthless psychopath named "El Indio" Volonte was broken out of prison by his gang, slaughtering all but one of his jailers. Mortimer has secured the strongbox lock, however, and Indio believes that the money is still there.

Flashbacks reveal that he had taken the watch from a young woman Rosemary Dexterwho had shot herself as he was raping her after having murdered her husband. Indio locks the money in a strongbox and says that the loot will be divided after a month.

Mortimer reveals himself as her brother.

Mortimer shoots Groggy as he runs for cover, but is disarmed by Indio who plays the pocketwatch while challenging the bounty hunter to regain his weapon and kill him when the music ends. Manco arrives in the town and becomes aware of Mortimer, who had arrived earlier.

Manco and Mortimer break into the strongbox and hide the money, only to be caught immediately afterwards and beaten up. Manco guns down the three bandits and sends a false telegraphic alarm to rouse the El Paso sheriff and his posse, who ride to Santa Cruz.

He sees Mortimer deliberately insult the hunchback Wild Kinskiwho is reconnoitering the bank. The incident has haunted Indio, and he smokes an addictive drug to cloud his memory.

They can make deposits through an agent without registering and are often given auto-generated temporary screen names.

Eventually, after he and Manco kill the bandits, Mortimer calls out Indio while revealing his full name. Dollaro Poker Traffic Called into Question.

But as the music ends, the same tune begins from an identical pocketwatch which Manco had pilfered from Mortimer. And whatever you win is yours to keep and credited to your account as Bonus Dollars max win per spin applies.

The gang blast the wall at the rear of the El Paso bank and steal the safe, but are unable to open it.

Mortimer, who anticipated Manco would deviate from their planned ambush, is already there. The music plays to completion and Mortimer shoots first, killing Indio.

His revenge complete, Mortimer declines his share of the bounty and leaves. Indio plans to rob the Bank of El Paso, which has a disguised safe containing "almost a million dollars".

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Indio sends Manco and three others to rob the bank in nearby Santa Cruz. Manco gives his own gunbelt and pistol to Mortimer, saying: Manco manages to convince the gang to ride to the small border town of Agua Caliente rather that travel through Rio Bravo.

A long-time journalist and poker player, Dave is a freelance writer in Las Vegas who has written for newspapers, magazines, wire services and websites.

By Thursday, Dollaro was back on the PokerScout rankings, listed in the 21st slot, with a hour peak of 1, cash players and a 7-day average of The site also touts a bad beat jackpot that was more than 67k Euros as of Friday and a million Euro guaranteed tournament scheduled for January 6.

While murdering the family of the man who captured him, Indio carries a musical pocketwatch that was a memento of his youth, using it to time the duel.

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