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Hand2note Poker

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Hand2Note - new alternative to HoldemManager and PokerTracker


The statistics provided are just about anything you can think of, and they are provided in a dynamic basis based on the current point you are in a hand.

However, as you play more tables this becomes more complex and even as you are taking notes they are sure not to be nearly as complete as the information you can receive from a HUD. Pop-ups BB vs SB.

Our team creates and actively developing an addons for Holdem Manager 2 and Hand2Note, providing turnkey solutions with the newest features. Notes Taking — Insert hand right into notes — Pin a note to a specific stat — Write note by three clicks by selecting template Automatic vs-Hero Stats Hand2Note automatically calculates value of "vs Hero" for each stat. I just purchased it this morning and am very happy with it.

As the name of the software suggests, you not only can take notes on a player, but you can also take notes on a stat or even on a particular hand. We recommend you check out Hand2Note to take your playing experience and poker analysis to the next level.

The whole useful information is available in the popups, as well as new convenient HUDs ready for use. We guarantee fast and reliable private HUD development of any complexity.

Some other things that Hand2Note can do that its competition cannot is display graphs directly into the player popup, provide a brief hand visualization, provide an unwatched showdown indicator against fish, and allow you to fully customize the hand history replayer. His knowledge in H2N is huge.

On an overall basis they all received positive check marks as far as a HUD, popups, reports, player analysis, and statistics customization. Analyze your results Sessions and Graphs are standard ways to watch and analyze your winnings. Great hud and popups, definately worth it. Play on PokerStars, NL The Asian Poker app is highly trustable over the time.

I think he knows a program in percent!: Espesially usefull for people who play many tables and have a lack of time during game process. Our portfolio currently has more than 4 Asian Apps!!! New abilities to improving your game: This is convenient for use during the game, because allows to have general statistics that can be used in case of insufficient samples, or use accurate statistics when the player accumulates the necessary samples.

SQZ, 4bet Pop-ups with Ranges in graphic form: Stats will be presented based off position compared to your position, effective stack sizes, number of players, and the number of hands on a player.

Every kind of stats works perfect. You can get free Guide with list of Stats and Numbers that you can use against players at the table.

I like this guy. I know that HUD costs him a lot of time, it requirets a lot of work to create a good working stat.

Why more than 250,227 poker players have joined CardsChat

Positional HUD with multiple levels of stats: Once you have all your data imported, using the database is as simple as clicking on the screen name one of your opponents. However, with the latest version Hand2Note implemented awesome graphs, informative session results, and detailed reports to round out their software into a powerhouse. Maybe you can even do this while playing more than one table.

Weak Players Most players are chinese. HUD varies depending of actions at the table. Sure if you are simply one tabling you can pick up a lot of information about your opponents just by taking notes. Badges appear in the HUD, depending on the actions of the players and show preflop and postflop leaks. Additionally, the HUD reacts dynamically depending on your situation. From there, you can hover over any hand combination in the heat map to see all the hands that were played with that combination.

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Hand2Note shows how much money you won in a single spot taking into consideration pot and pot odds. HUDs and pop-ups for max and Heads-Up. Similarly, for post-flop statistics you can quickly receive tons of useful information in a diagram. Pin note to a specific stat and then all your notes will be structured according to its relevant spots. HTML is not translated! However, online poker is a different beast.

For example, for pre-flop statistics, you will instantly receive a heat-map showing how often players have had certain holdings to make up the statistic. This add-on to Notecaddy allows to better know and understand opponents with whom you play, and will improve your strategy by bringing it to a new level.

He created his own stats, helped installing his HUD version. If you have any problem with hud, oraz any question with hand2note, he will fix it.

PFR, Caller, 3bet, Call3bet and others. Popup supplemented with information on pre-flop and post-flop ranges You can see a list of the hands, hand history in a compact form and through replayer. When creating a HUD the main idea was to make HUD with statistics that can be used and HUD should have stats on which there are sample and stats in the HUD should be different for players when there are few hands and when there is a large sample of situations.

A huge advantage of this market is the big number of amateur players. Position vs Position Positional pop-ups with PostFlop stat: Gone are the days of just having general information.

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In the HUD of Pro. In addition to percentage stats, graphical displays of ranges are added. When i had a problem with statistic he helped me to fix it for 2 hours.

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It helped in adjusting and with the analysis of opponents. Ranges for Caller OOP.

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Dynamic HUD is adapted for players with different number hands. The information is clearly presented in one line, along the ability to quickly launch a hand history replayer to see any hand you wish in action.

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HUDs have different stats for players depending on the number of hands and samples. And many more features Hand Representation Very compact short visual represantation of a hand contains all important information about positions, board and cards Exclude reg vs fish spots Hand2Note automatically excludes spots where regular played against fish while calculating statistics because regulars play in a completely different way against fish.

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