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A successful career as a high school baseball player led to aspirations to play pro ball, though after a couple of years struggling to make a minor league team, Kaplan abandoned his plan, eventually segueing into a career as a stand-up comedian.

Kaplan was featured on the April cover of Gambling Times sporting a pair of jeans and a yellow t-shirt advertising Tulips, a feature film in which Kaplan starred with Bernadette Peters.

Kaplan’s Inner Cowboy Gets Loose and puts Howard Lederer on edge

The San Francisco Giants invited him to Florida for Spring Training, and as Gabe says, "I was a damned good hitter, but I took my life in my hands trying to catch fly balls.

It was an expensive whim, as he was busted out of the tournament in just a few hours.

By then, his knowledge of the game had grown to the point where he was comfortably taking a seat in the high-stakes side games at the Horseshoe. The show starred Kaplan as Gabe Kotter, a high school teacher who returns to his alma mater, James Buchanan High School in Brooklyn, in order to teach a group of insubordinate remedial students dubbed the "Sweathogs.

Kaplan, who was 31 at the time, passed Conrad, then 40, with a strong sprint to the finish line, giving ABC television network the win with points.

Kaplan would continue to play, and succeed, in tournaments, proving himself a formidable foe in a variety of games. Like many comedians before him, it was his big break, and jobs came easily after the show aired.

Comparing Kaplan to other celebrities-turned-poker players is probably unfair. However, he was unable to make the roster of a minor league team and decided to pursue other interests. He took his act on the road and played to audiences in clubs and bars across the U.

Gabe has been on the road doing comedy clubs recently, although he says he "Totally ignored show business for 15 years. About Gabe Kaplan Gabe Kaplan Actor, comedian, commentator, financial investor and professional poker player are just a few of the accomplishments Gabe Kaplan has to his credit.

Touring comedians would sometimes perform at the hotel, and Kaplan began to work toward his own career as a stand-up comedian. Gabe got his big break when he was invited to perform on The Tonight Show.

On the last hand of the day, Ray Zee got all-in with pocket aces and flopped a set.

However, he became keenly aware of the competition, and played in side games to hone his skills. At the end of Day 2, he was still there in third place among the final seven players. When he was more comfortable on stage, he began incorporating routines based on his experiences growing up in Brooklyn, and eventually was asked to perform on The Tonight Show.

In the sitcom, Kaplan played Gabe Kotter, who returns as a teacher to the dysfunctional high school where he had been a student.

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The stand-up comedy acts performing at the resort inspired Kaplan to work on his own material, which drew heavily on his childhood in Brooklyn. Working with Alan Sacks to produce the show, Gabe was the star along with a young John Travoltaand did well financially as the show shot into the top ten and remained there for most of its four season run on ABC.

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J The book also describes his e-mails: On the third and final day of play, Kaplan would soon retake the chip lead after eliminating Pat Callahan in sixth and Jay Heimowitz in fifth. Other, younger readers perhaps know Kaplan as the wise-cracking commentator on "High Stakes Poker," yet may not have realized his presence on the professional poker scene extended back three decades.

Not content as just a TV star, after the sitcom was finished Gabe graduated to work in both film and theater. The record, co-written and -produced by Kaplan, dented the Billboard Hot in Januarypeaking at Gabe Kaplan May 31, 0 Gabe Kaplan has had a whirlwind financial and business career, going from broke nightclub comedian, to successful actor, to poker player.

Unfortunately for Kaplan, that made him the cash bubble boy, as only the top five spots paid. Poker[ edit ] Kaplan became involved in financial markets and poker during his acting career. At the end of the first day, Kaplan was the chip leader with 24 players remaining.

He began working as a bellman at a hotel in LakewoodNew Jersey. Developing unique investment strategies, Kaplan has been the subject of articles in various financial publications.

For the first five competitions, Kaplan was the captain of the ABC network team. The series ran from —79, and Kaplan bought a home in Palm Springs, California with his earnings. Not long after this he developed parts of his act into what would later become the successful sitcom Welcome Back Kotter, which was broadcast on ABC between and Eight well-received appearances on "The Tonight Show" from eventually led to Kaplan getting his own show, a situation comedy partly based on his own experiences attending high school in Bensonhurst located in south-central Brooklyn.

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However, by then Kaplan had begun to pursue other interests. However, the four primary Sweathogs proved as popular or even more so.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York, on March 31, Smiling and holding up his winning hand, the cover excitedly dubbed him as "Gabe Kaplan — Superstar of Poker. E-mails from a Faded Celebrity to a Bewildered World.

Working as a bellboy at a hotel in nearby Lakewood, New Jersey was the first exposure Gabe got to show business. However, for Kaplan, even though he may have come to the game late, it certainly appears he is a poker player first. During that time, he also recorded the comedy album Holes and Mello-Rolls, which included long routines about his high school days, among other topics.

About Gabe Kaplan

Kaplan, with pocket sevens, also flopped a set, and to the disappointment of Zee, made quads on the turn. For most others, poker never manages to eclipse whatever other pursuit first gained them fame.

Gabe worked on a situation comedy for television, and a few years later, "Welcome Back Kotter" was born. The sitcom Welcome Back, Kotterwhose central characters he helped Eric Cohen and Alan Sacks create and whose core format he helped them to develop, was in part based on his comedy act.

During the WSOP, Kaplan also took an early departure from the tournament, but played in the side games again, at much higher limits. Supposedly playing in his first WSOP in with no prior experience, Gabe made the transition from actor to pro poker player with surprising ease.

Rumors have placed Kaplan in some big games with some big poker names over the years.

One might well argue, however, that none have been as successful or contributed as significantly to the game as Gabe Kaplan. A trend of sorts appeared to be developing, with amateur players suddenly starting to assume the spotlight previously exclusively enjoyed by the pros.

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