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Note Site Poker

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Hotkeys in Online Poker for Effortless Multitabling



To fully explore the app functionality please see the manual section. The following are descriptions of major features of the above 1-yuan banknotes.

Short for "Train" as in the locomotive. Furthermore, If I know my opponent pays too much with drawing handsI am going to bet big when they are drawing to make them pay dearly and help them make bigger and bigger mistakes by calling. However, the online version of our fair game is ideal for taking notes on players and the tendencies they exhibit at the table.

This site is frequently updated and permanently "under construction".

We direct deposit into your account within minutes after you place the order! Popups are not only for stats!

Like Hand2Note - support us! Click on the five icons in the menu above to see which bonuses we can offer you besides Poker, such as Casino, Bingo and Betting.

Breakthrough in your HUD approach

The largest denomination of the renminbi is the yuan note. European laws force Hendon Mob to offer informatio Visit the Texas Poker Store often. Search Our Inventory Search.

Pin note to a specific stat and then all your notes will be structured according to its relevant spots. Feature Example Details Automated Notes Automated notes of important tendencies and graphs to indicate the hand strength for that specific tendency Bet Sizing Tells x-axis defines the strength and y-axis defines the size of the bet, quickly see if your opponent has bet sizing tells.

Please note we cannot refund via bitcoin but you can choose either paypal or neteller for refunds.

So have a look at our fine products and fair prices. When it comes to politics and positions like this, everyone says whatever they have to say, in order to get the chair.

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We take care of our customers and you are guaranteed that you will not get banned! In that case, taking notes about other players becomes very important to understand your own decisions. Proper Note Taking Now that you know that taking notes is important, how should you go about it?

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The 1-yuan banknote has two types, the red one debuted in while the green one in The Full-Tilt Poker room has a particularly good player notes feature, as it offers you the ability to tag a colour to your opponents as well as take notes. By using Web 2.

NoteCaddy aims to sharpen this edge even further. The Hendon Mob apparently has not mad[ Preventing boredom is a key reason.

Download Free day trial. Advantages of taking player notes.


We deposit Ultimate Qublix Poker Chips directly to your account!! You can use other colors or icons to notate other types of players as you see fit — whatever works best for you.

Players who consistently do this, you can setup with a check-raise trap or even a check-raise bluff. After a while you can slim down your information.

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Basic information about spending money in Beijing yuan new yuan old 5 0 yuan new 5 0 yuan 2 0 yuan 1 0 yuan new 1 0 yuan 5 yuan new 5 yuan 2 yuan 1 yuan new 1 yuan old 5 Jiao 0. Create any custom stat you need Easily create any specific statistics you need in our HUD, Popup and Filter Editors with intuitive user interface.

Passive players are Callers who just never, ever, ever bet. RR top pair RRx: Like if they answer something it is going to be the truth.

The Texas Poker Store carries all your poker needs, including poker tableschipschip setspoker books and DVDsand game room furniture. Espesially usefull for people who play many tables and have a lack of time during game process. If you are not using NoteCaddy, you are leaving money on the tables. That one note might help you avoid a similar fate in the future.

One jiao is divided into 10 fen, pennies in English. Even those who do may be taking notes on something that happened one time thousands of hands ago and the player they took the note on may not even typically behave the way the note indicates that they do.

Receive friendly technical support.

Get into the habit of noting ranges that people are doing things with. Holdem Manager now accepts manual payments from Bitcoin plus these 5 major cryptocurrencies: Or if they try to trap when they flop something big.

Any advantage you have is an edge over your opponent 9 25th June6: Texas Poker Store is always finding new ways to improve our product offerings and customer service.

Short for "pre-flop raise".

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