Poker 2008 ps3

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Poker 2008 Ps3

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World Series Of Poker 2008 [PS3, PS2, PSP, X360]

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This will give you another chance to increase your bank roll and points totals, with a much further reduced number of opponents.

Oct 03, X Think all poker games are the same?

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The game is good as far a poker game gos. By murks Review Date: By cwolfe70 Review Date: As a real poker player myself I would have to say I play this game more than any other game in my collection.

Read Full Review 2 of 2 users found the following review helpful 14 results. Thanks to a slicker presentation, larger sense of WSOP Tournaments and some additional features, Activision has once again produced one of the best poker games around.

Dec 28, PS3 Im going to be the first person to review this game. Rivals in WSOP are online players that have defeated you in internet games or showdowns, affecting your overall standings on the online leaderboards.

However, even with the increase in attention to making the game seem slicker, the game still has a number of issues with long pauses between command inputs and onscreen character responses, as well as incorrect chip count animations during bets.

Even before the poker explosion that happened about 7 or 8 years ago.

By BarbaricAvatar Review Date: Career mode is very confusing. Read Full Review 1 of 1 users found the following review helpful Rating: You can take your custom player to the top of the WSOP rankings or just play a simple cash game at any ven Read Full Review 0 of 2 users found the following review helpful Rating: By UnaX Review Date: Of course, the object of the career mode is to expand your starting stack with prize money that you win in tournaments, but the other end of it is to gain additional Player of the Year points by performing well in tournaments to end your season with the overall Player of the Year award.

May 28, X I am a big poker fan and i have awaited along time for a poker game on the xbox to match exactly what I want. By jonboyohyeah Review Date: This year, players will have a slicker television styled presentation.

This re-tooled presentation also makes it easier to determine information like how many players are still in your particular tournament, or who the chip leaders are. It also features video poker and blackjack, which is an interesting diversion, but feel like an afterthought compared to the other game modes.

Mar 31, X I have been a poker player for years. Jun 02, X For people who really really like playing poker or the beginner who really wants to learn. Much has changed and I am now going to break it down for you.

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Jan 01, PC I play online poker pretty regularly, watched the World Series of Poker for the past few years and was excited to "play with the pros".

Dec 30, X Well I have been waiting for a great poker game for the forever and it is finally here.

Nov 30, PC Once you get past the annoying fact that your avatar makes the same 10 second reaction every hand this game goes downhill from there. I dont have clue what its all about. Installed on a machine that plays World of Warcraft, Titan Quest and other mainstre Apr 20, PSP There are a few poker games out there.

Hopefully this will be smoothed out in future titles. Battle For the Bracelets.

For the most part, novices will probably rely upon the pot odds tool, which continually gives you an update on how weak or strong your hand is across your initial deal, as well as the flop, turn and river. Computer AI is still as solid this year around, and the inclusion of Player of the Year points for the career mode and redone presentation, coupled with online rivals makes this game one of the best poker games out there.

Read Full Review 0 of 0 users found the following review helpful Rating: By brickken Review Date: A lot of extra attention has obviously been placed on the presentation of WSOPsharpening up the menus and the look of action at the tables with the screen split into three areas: If your not a poker lover though, it might not be the game for you, But it might just be.

I love the game. Jul 29, PS2 Plus: Other than some slow down issues, the combination of the full WSOP tour First of all, I was very disappointed to find out that the ds version unlike other platforms onl Nor has the slowdown.

By Stalemate99 Review Date: Xbox live needs an update to stop migrat Battle for the Bracelets Rating: Nice graphics, nice easy to to learn controls. Rather than creating believeable AI, the higher skill levels just give the non-player Dec 22, DS I mostly play poker online, but I enjoy having a portable poker game to play when I travel, waiting around places, etc.

Almost as good as pocket aces, World Series of Poker It also winds up exacerbating some of the other visual problems that stand out with character models, such as some of the seams or texture pixilation that crops up in hair or other parts of the body.

By teletran0n3 Review Date: Poker video games a Instead, you join the tour along one of three difficulty levels: Activision has quickly become the company to beat with its World Series of Poker franchise.

Think you can beat us for our bracelets? Read Full Review 3 of 3 users found the following review helpful Rating:

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