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Expert Insight Poker Tip: Knowing the Odds and Percentages


They are ideal for anyone new to playing Texas Hold em online for either real or play money.

Improving Your MTT Skills Hone your short-handed skills and your multi-tabling practices to make the most of every final table appearance. But do you know how to bluff-call? Using real world examples, our authors show you various ways in which you can develop your game.

The dealer button is the most advantageous position on the table because it means you will always be able to act last for the rest of the pot.

Essentially, you want to build up the most experience possible, and see as many hands as you can, while losing as little money as possible. Probably more interesting than actually useful. Hello Thinking Poker, A topic I would like to see discussed is when to change seats at the table.

The Last Bet An explication of how and when to apply aggression in mid- to late-game tournament situations. Hidden Costs in Tournament Poker In this article, I reveal an often over-looked piece of information that can help you make good decisions about when to call, when to steal, and when to re-steal.

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Poker Starting Hands Chart! When hosting your own poker game it is important to buy quality playing cards that will withstand frequent use.

How I Became a Poker Player No strategy content here, but hopefully an enjoyable story of my early involvement with poker and the fortuitous events that set me on my way. I was reading your protection bet. Float On You know how to bluff, and you know how to bluff-raise. While the blog often focuses on particular example of a strategy or tactic, longer strategy and advice articles provide an opportunity to expand on a single concept or theme a little more.

Your post is very useful for me, thank you the information you provide. The red line This section is clearly quite thin at the moment. Your post is very good and the word useful information, thank you already can this news you article.

Live poker etiquette Online poker etiquette Poker is no different to any other sport when it comes to etiquette. Our poker strategy articles also introduce you to strategies for limit play, sit and gos SNGsand freeroll tournaments.

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Nonetheless, these articles will help you with a bunch of stuff related to using online poker software like Poker Tracker 3 and HoldemManager.

Recently I was in a 9 handed game getting brutalized by suck outs. How to Adjust to Deep Stacks In the main event, players begin with 20, in chips, and blinds start at The above strategy articles cover broader topics or very small areas of strategy.

The post is very good, and thank you for giving me the best information. Likewise, you should avoid playing in a way that makes it easy to exclude the nuts from your range.

No Such Thing as a Free Hunch Sometimes it is undesirable or nearly impossible to conceal the strength of your hand. What is standard deviation? It involves a huge amount of strategy and counterstrategy that will put your math, psychology and deception skills to the test. Calling for Information Betting or raising purely for information is rarely a good idea, as you can often get the same information by calling if you know what to look for. How to Bluff a Calling Station Conventional wisdom holds that you should make more thin value bets against a very loose player but never bluff.

Continuation Betting for Advanced Players By now, c-betting feels like the oldest play in the book. Feel free to browse through our latest articles or choose from one of the following categories:.

Texas Hold'em Articles

Why Do We Play Poker? Making Tough Decisions To make the toughest decisions about poker, you have to think about not just the cards you hold now but all of the cards that you could hold in this spot. Feel free to direct any questions you have to our friendly forum members and get advice from numerous skilled poker players, especially in the poker strategies forum.

Learn how the pre-flop action can provide important clues to help you determine the best play on much later streets.

For a fantastic overview of all the most common stats used in online poker, check out HUD Ninja.

Learn how possible future outcomes should influence your play on the current street. Creative Bet Sizing Big bet poker is a game of options and creativity.

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This section is clearly quite thin at the moment. You can have straight draws and flush draws too. Video Poker Learn the optimal strategies for video poker games such as Jacks or better, double-double and multi-strike.

Poker questions and answers.

Poker is no different to any other sport when it comes to etiquette. A succinct and fairly comprehensive introduction to what is in the back of my mind whenever I play a hand of poker.

Is it possible to overthink a hand of poker? If you are looking for strategy and tips, head to the Texas Hold em strategy section. Knowing is Only Half the Battle Some betting lines reveal more than others. Is the player to your right playing too many hands?

I argue otherwise in this article. The spot to the right of the button is the second-most powerful and so on, in descending anti-clockwise order around the table, until we get to the lowly small blind.

Against good players, it is important to find ways to keep your own ranges wide while defining theirs. Your poker face will Our strategy sections covers topics such as:

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