Poker backing

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Poker Backing

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Staking vs Backing in Poker Tournaments


Yes, we are talking about Tombo. In his career, he created many successful poker video series among others the "Essence for Pro".


And happy investors means job security and freedom to play what I want when I want without stress. To participate you must register with the Section and there is an extensive list of rules that must be followed.

Staking is just about as old as playing poker for money and has made its way online. You win, and we both earn money on poker. Once you are finished playing the set of games specified, the sites software completely automates the process of profit distribution.

Getting Started When you first start selling action, you may not have a lot of people interested. Making money on poker has never been so hassle-free.

Here is how I offered the package of tournaments for investors. I must have the money before the start of the first event. Make Them Happy Once everything is done, make people happy they invested with you.

Stakes available for PokerStars players. When you stake someone you are giving them a chance to make you both money. Refer a Friend Bring players to Smart Backing and receive a share of their winnings.

Interesting in how it protects current members from scammers. Why someone stakes another really depends on the person. Something like this will prevent a lot of confusion. His knowledge and experience is a great addon to SmartBacking coaching staff.

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When you first start selling action, you may not have a lot of people interested. When I was lucky enough to win a bracelet at the WSoP this year, my investors not only made a nice profit, but they got a little something special. The newest growth area for staking sites is the "sponsored" site. Tournament directors have the added job of ensuring that their events are clean, and that includes a game free of players influenced or directed by financial backers.

Other players who have the cash at the time stake players, or others stake them — non-poker playing investors who see a chance to make a score by backing a winning tournament player.

Some recent upgrades to the site statistics now available for staking profitability have made PartTimePoker a better option. The forum includes an extensive section on how the staking system works.

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Please be aware that if you click any link on this site or download program that no personal information is given to WECpoker. You should always get the money before you play the tournaments because it can be unpleasant to collect from an investor after they have lost money investing in you.

You must be logged in to post a comment. This site has the most highly automated staking system with easy to use staking screens. As a player, SPI is available to you daily to answer questions, provide coaching, and overall, give you with the best opportunity to advance your game.


Be Transparent Make sure any deals that are made are public knowledge so that you can justify things to your investors. If you do things right, selling action can keep you in the game and making money for the long run.

There is a tendency for the staked player to bolt whenever he is on makeup and in too deep of a hole. Amateurs who take a piece of someone on a one-time only basis stake some players.

Why would I want to stake someone? Not only are the swings big in tournament poker, the costs associated with playing are high too. Unplayed tournaments will be refunded. How to Sell Action.

While based in UK, they welcome members from all over the world. Some people to do it to help others, other people do it for entertainment or amusement, other people do it for pure profit.

Long time staking site that was taken over by a new owner who plans on large growth. For whatever reason, hatred runs rampant between many members, where at all other sites players tend to be very supportive.

Staking for American players is still available, but not nearly as easy to find funds at this time. Sure…there are some people who have an unfair variance for a while, some of have temporary pscyhological advantage of a recent win, but long term there are only those who get sponsorships. You must complete an application to become a member, and they investigate your poker staking background.

It has not one, but two different staking sections. Make sure they know that a is coming from the IRS as is standard practice, and use a site like filetaxes. One of the added benefits of online backing arrangements, is that your backer can always watch and assess the quality of your play, regardless of whether you cash in a given event or not.

Why more than 254,090 poker players have joined CardsChat

This site also runs lottery draws to play in tournaments. They have two routes to sponsorship - the proven player route and the trial route. In Smart Backing, he is a teacher for the highest stakes levels.

They might map out ten or 20 events, figure the cost to enter all of them, then sell shares to investors or other players. Also, the section is moderated to provide protection from wrongdoers.

Start off by being very clear with your offer. ChipMeUp includes instructional videos for new members on how to use the site.

If people make money investing in you, they will be eager to invest in bigger events next time. For investors, SPI will make the poker staking process easier and more profitable for you.

Move up the poker stakes with us. Panka is an outstanding coach, apt in sharing his exceptional skills with participants of the Smart Backing programme. A thank you card or email can be a nice touch and insure that they invest with you again in the future. If you take taxes out first, then they may have to pay taxes on the money again if the IRS gets wind of their income. In addition, most investors want to have some sort of relationship with you. On first glance it seems like makeup is a better deal for the backer.

Chris "Fox" Wallace on Poker Backing: How to Sell Action

Then the backer has no chance of getting back his investment, the player is out on the street, broke or close to it and looking for another backer where he can start at ground zero all over again. Prove it and start earning with SmartBacking.

Non-USA players have many more options. The owners seem to only care about every dollar in their pocket and could care less about the players. Tough on scammers and security risks, but otherwise a very friendly and professional group.

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