Poker protectors

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Poker Protectors

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Poker Stories: Greg Raymer


Features many poker hands.

Poker Card Guards Refine Results. The object is to have the highest score as determined by the sum of the dice rolls.

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This is a premium 4 Leaf lucky card protector. So not only does it protect my cards, it reminds me to be patient: Good for her for keeping it together. If seated in any other position, I randomly use a chip, place my hand on my cards or hold them parallel to the felt. Spade Triple Spinner Card Protector.

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November 14th, 9: All of the parts in this piece spin independently and can bring great luck! Standard with chip slots and drink holders.

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Skip to main content. For the time being I hold my cards in my left hand until action is on me.

The River Faces Card Protector. Dice run[ edit ] A dice run is one variation, where instead of collecting cards, participants roll dice at each stop. June 1st,9: Up your game with free cardschat membership.


Learn from online pros. Great for poker players who want reminders of what hand beats what! Good Luck Card Guard.

Do You Use a Card Protector? June 10th,4: Founded on May 4,we are one of the I have never seen the absolute necessity with protectors but some like i because it gives them some sort of persona. June 11th, This page was last updated: Card protectors are used to put on top of your poker hand to protect your han Whether to use a card protector.

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Each checkpoint might offer food or entertainment, either covered by the entry fee or at additional cost. June 6th,5: My card protector has double benefits I use a smooth stone that I bought that has the word "Patience" etched in it.

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Is it generally good to use a card protector? But to make things more safe, it is really good to use a card protector. The Nutz Faces Card Protector. Is NLHE the worst game to grind? The Rock Faces Card Protector.

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We accept the following credit cards. On the Dealer Card Guard. Join more thanactive members on our forum.

I was scolded multiple times by the dealer for not using a card protector the first time I played in a casino. Card protectors are used to put on top of your poker hand to protect your hand from Premium Has your hand ever been mucked by accident? June 14th,4: October 7th, You HAVE to protect your cards, doesnt matter how you do it but I like holding them slightly raised above the felt in my finger tips, I mix it up one hand or the other or both pre flop.

Each Muck Monkey is machined out of a solid block of series stainless steel. Sitting right next to the dealer seems to be the prime spot for unintentional mucking. Page 1 of 2 Use the arrow to the right to read the next 1 page s.

Originally Posted by CntryBoys. The problem with a defined routine is that if you ever get pressured and change something inadvertently somebody will catch it as a tell and then your always worring about messing up your routine.

June 3rd,4: Table is made-to-order in the United States of America. Originally Posted by dkeam83 i do the same thing everytime i look at my hand. And I personally think, you have less a chance with tells if you are disciplined and busy putting a card protecter on your hand every hand.

And try to develop a routine, wait till the action hits you, look at your cards, put some chips on them if your going to play them, if not muck. Transport[ edit ] Although most events are on motorcycles, off-road vehicles, boats, or horses, events involving small aircraft, ATVs, bicycles, golf carts, snowmobiles, [3] skateboards, [4] running, [5] canoeing and kayaking, [6] and geocaching [7] have been held.

Massive hardwood, laminated end-grain top support beams for unparalleled strength. Card protectors are used to put on top of your poker hand to When its my action I either fold or place a few chips on top as the protector to play.

I saw this one guy playing live who had this really awesome holographic pog slammer for a card protector. I believe you should use at least one chip to protect your cards, a lot of things can happen, you cards can get flip over, the dealer can make a mistake, etc.

Which poker player are you? Page 1 of 2. Street lined with motorcycles at a rally in Marietta, Ohio which incorporates a "Ride for the Red" dice run benefiting the American Red Cross. Also shop in Also shop in.

June 2nd,6: Optional customized graphic on felt is available. Bad Beat Card Guard.

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