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Poker Snowie

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Live PokerSnowie 6 Max Session and Review

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If you find that you are often choosing the right answer, or an answer that gets a high score, you are playing well. May 27, at I think its been wrote about a year ago.

Jon, really liked the video, and can definitely see how it would be useful to tweak someones game when they are regularly facing tough opponents. My training site PokerCoaching.

Obviously small sample size. I have always used effective big blinds combined with actual big blinds to figure out my strategy.

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I hope you enjoy the new book. If you play one specific strategy all the time, unless your opponents never adjust, you will be leaving money o the table. Volume 1 Weekly Poker Hand The right way to play an under pair.

That being said, it certainly works well for early level play. Join my email newsletter and get a FREE 2-hour poker training video: As far as I know, if your opponent is going to be weak postflop, you can pretty much do whatever you want within reason preflop because your opponent will give you the pot most of the time postflop. I really enjoyed the video replay of your Pokersnowie session, do you think the Snowie player calls you if you make a full pot bet, with the 47 against the a6, the way it suggested, or was any rvr bet getting called?

I am now looking at Flopzilla and I would like to know if you have tried this program and, if you have, how you compare the two. Those two quotes above are your from different forum. I love Snowie myself. Volume 1 is a brief sampling of what you can expect at PokerCoaching.

February 27, at 8: In each quiz, there will be questions with corresponding answers ranked from 0 to 10 points. I decided to record my first session for you to watch.

Be sure to check back next week for another educational blog post. May 11, at 7: I totally agree with Kris. My excitement level depends on my opponentnot my hand.

Little Poker Advice I was unaware of their price changes. I think learning to play a fundamentally sound game is a required strategy, especially if you expect to be able to hold your own against strong players. July 26, at May 21, at 3: For a limited time, you can click here to download my e-book for free.

I do not agree at all. But this email is about this web page. I dont think I ever went to a significant showdown.

While these scores are arbitrary, they are meant to give you an understanding of how we think each answer fares in relation to the others.

Feel free to share it with your friends! My excitement level depends on my opponentnot my hand.

If they are constantly making huge errors, as you suggest your opponents are, you should get out of line to exploit them. That value depends on the payouts and all of the stacks in play.

When and How Much to Continuation Bet

Just looking through my small errors it suggests: I was strolling around and stumbled upon this sweet WorldPokerTour Hublot watch. I figured out how to play poker long before that book was released.

The main problem with bots is they tend to very exploitable in a few specific situations.

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May 21, at 9: July 26, at 8: Join my email newsletter and get a FREE 2-hour poker training video: February 27, at 5: By studying our strategies and comparing your skills to ours, you will be able to see the holes in your game and can then work to plug your leaks.

I was just watching your video and your were talking a lot about paying attention to stack sizes. Its the question from live tournament and maybe some online but not as a heave grinder perspective.

Would you mind explaining a bit what happened that you changed your mind about Snowie? Instead of going out and partying, I am going to sit in my room and study poker.

If you seem to choose answers that receive 0 points almost every time, you have lots of work to do! Sometimes, a few answers will be close and other times, there is a clearly correct answer.

I saw a LOT of questionable advice without listing it hand by hand. I was strolling around and stumbled upon this sweet WorldPokerTour Hublot watch. I have heard great things about PokerSnowiea training program designed to help you learn to play fundamentally sound poker by testing you against its robust poker bots and I wanted to give it a try.


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