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Poker Xls

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How to Make a Poker Spreadsheet


The boxes are perfect for organizing numbers and laying out calculations in an easy to read format. Shooters shoot their games, scores are taken, points are spotted points are added in, then winners are declared.

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The master spreadsheet is the Issues spreadsheet, and depending on whether the user chooses Transferred Complaints or Transferred Offences in Column K I need to transfer certain cells to the Complaints or Offences spreadsheets. I want to be able to connect two spreedsheets.

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I have attached a document paralleling a document I am working on. We utilize a shared spreadsheet in our department named "Arrangement Requests".

The team head to head match ups are handicapped. I was wondering that once I update any of the cells on the individual region tabs The next time you want to work something out using numbers, try doing it in Excel or whatever spreadsheet app you prefer.

A1 to A52 like this: I need to write a macro that will import data contained in another spreadsheet, but am unsure how to do this. I am trying to create a formula of the following nature: I need to copy cell information for one spreadsheet to one of 2 other spreadsheets depending on a dropbox condition.

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One tracks data for a number of projects five different employees are working on. I want to be able to key in a customer name on the New Spreadsheet and take the info for that customer from the MAIN Spreadsheet and fill in the blanks.

I have successfully dealt "Texas Hold Em" poker to 10 players, dealt 5 community cards, and then interpreted the best poker hand and declared a winner.

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I have edited your post and removed your email address. When you have received an answer to your question, please mark it as resolved using the Thread Tools menu. Ideally I want to activate this macro with a control button - i.

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In a nutshell, I just want to know is there anyway the excel spreadsheet can display the username currently logged into the shared spreadsheet. Bill is the high average shooter on Team 1.

Before posting your question, did you look here? I look forward to further discussions, if you are up for it.

Lots of issues here. I am struggleing to find the most efficient way to deal out a deck of cards. The middle shooters are Barry with his against Larry with his Progressive Bet Sizing Why use spreadsheets?

See how your bets and raises affect how rapidly the size of the pot grows. Just as a gladiator would benefit from a sexy new weapon, a poker player benefits from Excel.

Excel - The original, and the popular choice. From time to time and seemingly very random the sheet renames itself. Find out how much you need to bet to set up a pot-size all-in on the river.

The results of this are the most important thing. The charts are marvelous for visualizing the results of your calculations. Do you still have your excel VBA solution, and would you be kind enough to make it available to me, as the old thread seems to have lost its attachment?

Zero points for losing. In my previous example, lets say that in week two, lets say louie blows it and shoots a The intent of this sub is to sum each and every row on a spreadsheet. I became interested in shuffling randomness, card distribution, detecting winning hands.

DoEvents have no idea what it does and those who know what it does never use it. You get 2 points for winning your head to head match.

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Got a question on Linux? Wondering if there is an easy way to compare 2 spreadsheets that should have identical data on them?

Last edited by Hack; Mar 17th, at Can you please send me to Removed By Mod Please send to my email id this is my humble request i am so interested to see the code because i am trying this code for past 4 days but i am not getting logic. I saved this is a read-only file. If you wish to share your email address with other forum members, please do so via our PM system. Unfortunately I am having trouble with these updating.

Is there a macro that would delete all macros before saving the file as something else? Originally Posted by balasivi Attachment not able to download. Perfect for simpler jobs, but lacks the more complex functionality of the downloadable apps above.

Thanks for your info and fast reply. My question is can I somehow type something or drag the formula down to populate the other cells in the total spreadsheet? I have several about 15 spreadsheets that contain data.

He faces Louie since Louie is high man on Team 2. View 9 Replies Similar Messages: For each hand I will display the best possible hands at pre-flop, flop, turn and river stages, the cards needed, and the prob of them turning up.

I realise there are millions of possibilities at the outset, and it is impractical to enter them all in, so I may concentrate on looking at sequences such as open-ended straights, gut-shot straights, threes, two pairs and so on first, and then consider the suits or the other way round - who knows! I am not a programmer.

I have designed a spreadsheet in the office where I work, and think it would be quite flashy gimiky if I could have the spreadsheet show the name of the user logged on.

This causes problems because everything we do is in real time and expected to be viewed by all as soon as save has been indicated. All times are GMT EV equations would be a good place to start. Jan 17, I have a set of spreadsheets Circa 50 that each have around 50 tabs of information on, one set of spreadsheets are from and another are from The spreadsheets have 7 columns of data and almost rows. What kind of spreadsheets are they?

Better understand the signs that your business has outgrown its current database. I only need 2 cells worth values from each source spreadsheet, to be pasted into the destination spreadsheet, into designated cells.

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