Strip poker pc

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Strip Poker Pc

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Strip Poker III (PC)


You can install and uninstall Torquemada Games games anytime with no concerns about your privacy and computer cleanliness.

Download There is one install file - just run it from the location below or save it to your disk if you want to run it later. Many other surprises during the game are waiting, depending on the mood and personlity of the girls. Also you can play fullscreen or in a window if your screen is bigger than x Beginners will surely appreciate the prompter which is very helpful when the player is not sure which cards he should draw.

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Once the girl loses a given amount of virtual dollars, she undress one piece of her clothes. The game is updated with new features and new opponents on regular basis.

If the player manages to keep wining, the girl will keep undressing, as the game advances. The player perceives the game almost as if it was played against real human opponent.

Dozens of opponents to choose from. You need to be connected to internet to make use of this feature.

The girls flirt with the player and try to distract him. It appears that the perception is so real that players often cannot keep from talking to their computer opponents as if they were really sitting and undressing just next to them!

As the game advances, some exciting special gestures become available, e. They comment on the deal, smile, laugh or get angry depending on the deal result. Additionally, we developed some interactive features of the classic strip poker game.

Publisher Torquemada Games Video Strip Poker Supreme is a state-of-the-art technological masterpiece, an interactive strip-poker for Windows PC computers with highest quality video. Hundreds of video shots, big screen px wide DVD size! The vsp files actually contain game opponents - you can run the game just clicking on them like you do with mp3, avi, doc, xls and many other files.

Just click one of the buttons below to download and install the full version of the Video Strip Poker HD and play against girls of your choice. Play strip poker on your PC for fun, no real money gambling involved Compatible with: Download The classic computer game in a modern way!

Also, if you are classic american draw poker entusiast you can play with the full deck from 2 to A. You can choose the deck from 7 to A which makes the game very dynamic.

If the player loses, the opponent will get dressed again. One can choose among opponents from all over the world.

Also you will get one "heart" for every game you win. In the last stage the girl keeps playing completely naked.

The goal is obviously to undress the girls completely. Clean software - Torquemada Games software does not contain any privacy violating parts.

For instance, you can ask a girl to show you more than you actually won or offer her a drink to make playing with her easier. POKER - worldwide known classic draw type poker game.

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