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It can be argued that one of the main reasons people are willing to flat-call preflop raises with mediocre hands is because stubborn TAG players blindly bet their starting hand strength in spite of unfavorable community cards.

He buys in full, tops up every hand, has decent enough stats and plays what he thinks is good poker. He bleeds all his money trying to hit that hand and then when he does hit, he never makes that money back.

They forget how to think properly.

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The majority of TAG players do not feel a burning desire to win, but rather a burning desire to not lose. He watches videos, read articles and studies the game extensively. Since everyone and their dogs are playing TAG these days, most players have no experience playing anyone but fish and other TAGs.

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This inexperience is highly exploitable. Opponents are repeatedly forced to either donate expectation with their post-flop draws, or muck… and this is pretty much the elementary theory of Tight-Aggressive play. There is a general template that can be applied to most novice poker players. Most are very bad at adapting to different types of players, and the majority of them simply want to follow a set of rules laid out for them in strategy guides.

TAGfish syndrome is curable. As a result, a legion of bad TAGs has spawned, storming tables and poker rooms across the web with their brand of bland play. Many Holdem players have had TAG strategy bashed so deep into their heads by poker forums and strategy sites, that they believe it to be the holy grail of poker strategy.

They want to follow instructions. Site Map Approaching the game of poker can be intimidating for any inexperienced player. In other words, there truly IS a ton of value in raising with Ace-Queen on the buttonand getting one of the blinds to flat-call with a weaker Ace. What happens when a player forces a TAG to make a big decision, then?

He has that part of the game solved to a degree. An opponent is going to play the hand a few different ways according to what he thinks you have.

A basic Tight-Aggressive player will mainly be forcing the action pre-flop and post-flop by raising or betting, constantly making opponents pay for entering pots with mediocre holdings while putting them to the test after the flop is seen. He knows what to do, but then misapplies when he should be doing it and who he should be doing it against. Sometimes, two of them will be dealt big hands.

Most players who play TAG are hopelessly risk-averse, and this in itself is exploitable.

Non-expert TAG players are constantly caught off-guard by players who trap with their own premium hands. They will try to apply pot odds constantly, and justify calling decisions by calculating them. Nearly every player who reads strategy sites and forums plays a TAG style.

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Against a TAG, you can open up your 3-betting range preflop as much as you feel comfortable doing so. Knowing when to fold pre-flop is easy. The loser will whine about running bad. It should be pretty clear that there is a huge opportunity for profit against this line via floating.

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Give him that reason to fold. Perhaps the most common and unprofitable trait of playing this type of strategy is the ease of becoming stubborn.

They make all sorts of mistakes that would be inexcusable to a skilled, aggressive player. TAG players tend to shut off their brains while they play. Risk-averse players freeze up in tough spots. The winner will bask in the glory of his huge win, and chalk it up to skill.

So he calls with his speculative hands post-flop, check-folds when he misses and, when he finally makes that huge hand, he makes his opponent fold.

You might be wondering what a NL Holdem strategy article is doing on a mixed game site. The majority of TAG players want to avoid losing at all costs. When they do find themselves in tough spots, they usually take the safest line, in terms of losing the least amount of money. People liked it during the Paradise and Party days, since there was a huge pool of super-fish who played very passively a. But once the flop comes, his mistakes start to compound.

There are less fish, and way more TAGs. These two things mean that you can…. What are the implications of this?

Tight Aggressive Poker Style

TAGs are not only risk-averse, they are usually decision-averse as well. They look for a reason to fold. Most newbies simply show up at a forum, want to become profitable, and learn TAG strategy without really knowing why.

Holdem Mixed and the more popular 8-Game Mix are two mixed poker games that include no limit Texas Holdem. They want to be come auto-profitable poker robots.

Since the standard TAG will almost always fire a c-bet when he misses a flop, you can maximize your value by calling the c-bet, and firing a barrel on the turn to take down the pot. This is a limited time bonus so you better take advantage of it now. That player can three-bet with impunity whenever you call with your weak, speculative hand, he can call and steal your post-flop position and he can punish you after the flop.

A TAGfish plays his own cards too often and the situation and his opponents not nearly enough.

Especially in cash games, there are plenty of players who simply lie in wait for predictable TAG players. Learn how to play TAG… practice it… embrace it… make use of it.

Basic TAG Poker Strategy

And, worst of all, he plays far too long. This bonus is 12 times larger than what other websites are offering at Pokerstars see review for more details.

Well, for one, the strategy has become much less effective, because most TAGs find themselves only playing other TAGs. He knows AK needs to be raised for value, etc. They will often pay more rake than they actually win from playing.

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